Game FAQs

Q : How many characters can I create in one account? 

A : One account can create three character but you can purchase item mall "Character Socket Extension" to add your character slot upto 20 characters.

Q : Can I change my character's gender or race? 

A : Yes, you can change by using item mall "Gender Change Voucher" and "Race Change Voucher".

Q : How can I open or close mini map?

A : Press 'N'

Q : What is the max character level of the game? 

A : Level 65

Q : What is Vanguard Request?

A : It's something like daily quest which is suitable for your level. You can check by press 'H'.

Q : Where can I find crafting material? 

A : You can find all the crafting material in the map field and press 'F' to collect.

Q : How can I do if I stuck in the game and cannot move?

A : You can click at System icon in menu and select Unstuck. 

Q : How can I do if I died during doing the quest? 

A : Running back to the starting quest and click Reset. 

Q : How can I reset dungeon?

A : Press 'P' and select dungeon you want to reset then [Reset Dungeon].

Q : Can I play Reaper class?  

A : You must have character with level 40 at least one in your account  and you can play Reaper.

Q : Where is Item mall?

A : Click Tera Store in menu.

Q : Can I add inventory [slot]?

A : You can purchase item 'Inventory Expansion' or go to NPC Inventory Manager.

Q : How many maximum players in one Party?

A : Maximum players per one party is 5 players. 

Q : How can I fly if I already have Fying mount? 

A : You must use skill book: Flying mount and right click to ride then press Spacebar two times to fly.

Q : Is Tera free to play?

A : Yes, Tera is a free to play game.

Q : How can I hide the Interface for taking screenshot?

A : You can hide the Interface or UI by pressing Ctrl+Z.

Q : What is Trade Broker?

A : Trade Broker is central trading system between players in Tera. 

Q : How can I find the party member for dungeon? 

A : Click Quick Match select Instance matching at menu and choose dungeon you looking for party and press find group.